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Молекулярно-биологические базы данных

AARSDB - AminoAcyl-tRNASynthetases DataBase
ASTRAL - The ASTRAL Compendium for Sequence and Structure Analysis
BioImage - Biological Images for scientific research
BioMagResBank [BMRB] - repository for data from NMR on proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids
Blocks - most highly conserved regions of proteins
BRENDA - enzyme database
CE - Databases and Tools for 3-D Protein Structure Comparison and Alignment
CluSTr - a database of clusters of SWISS-PROT+TrEMBL proteins
COG - the database of Clusters of Ortologous Groups of proteins
DaliDD - Dali Domain Dictionary
DIP - Database of Interacting Proteins
DOMO - protein domain database
DSSP - Dictionary of Secondary Structure of Proteins
ENZYME - ENZYME nomenclature database
FSSP - Fold classification based on Structure-Structure alignment of Proteins
GEO - Gene Expression Omnibus
GTOP - Genomes TO Protein structures and functions
Histones - Histone sequence database
HSSP - Homology-derived Secondary Structure of Proteins
HUGE - Human Unidentified Gene-Encoded large protein database
InParanoid - Eukaryotic Ortholog Groups Database
iProClass - an integrated, comprehensive and annotated Protein Classification database
ISSD - Integrated Sequence-Structure Database
Kabat - Kabat database of sequences of proteins of immunological interest
Klotho - biochemical compounds declarative database
LGIC - Ligand Gated Ion Channel subunit database
LIGAND - LIGAND chemical database for enzyme reactions
MEROPS - Peptidase database
MetaFam - a comprehensive protein family resource
MMDB - Molecular Modelling DataBase
MSD - Macromolecular Structure Database
OWL - Composite Protein Sequence Database
PALI - a database of Phylogeny and ALIgnment of homologous protein structures
PDB - Brookhaven Protein DataBank
PFAM - Protein families database of alignments and HMMs
PIR - Protein Information Resource
PIR-ALN - database of Protein sequence ALligNments
PMD - Protein Mutant Database
Predictome - a database of putative functional links between proteins
PRINTS - database of protein family fingerPRINTS
ProDom - Protein Domain families database
PROSITE - PROtein SITEs and patterns dictionary
Rebase - Restriction Enzyme dataBASE
SBASE - protein domain library
SCOP - Structural Classification Of Proteins
SWISS-PROT - the protein sequence data bank
The Homeodomain Resource
TIGRFAMs - a protein family resource for the functional identification of proteins
trEMBL - EMBL protein-coding DNA sequence features translated into peptide sequences
UniProt - the Universal Protein knowledgebase


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